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 Hi, my name is Beji Obong. I'm the founder of Main Centric. Throughout, my years in high school always been passionate about opening up a business. In 2014 enrolled in Information and Communication Technology, while working part-time saved up enough money to start in 2017 at the age of 21. It all became possible in 2017 with the support of  Brendan , Joel, Israel ,Tony and Afzal .

Beji Obong

The Idea of a developing this online store was inspired by wanting to share my fashion style taste. The number one issue I noticed with these some sites was with the time it took to ship the products to Australia. I also noticed that none of these sites or shops provided sufficient customer rewards, for their purchases. This is where the idea began to grow. Why not use my skills, to create an online Streetwear store in Australia with my taste of fashion providing fast shipping and customer rewards? And so it began.

Main Centric

The one place bringing the past and current Hip Hop & Streetwear style all together creating unique styles

 We are always focused on expanding and improving the shopping experience.


From Main Centric, we'd all like to thank you (the customer). We'll always be here to provide you with quality products.






Doonside NSW 2767 AUSTRALIA

 PO BOX 163 Doonside, NSW  2767

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Mobile: 0431407055

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Monday -Friday: 9:00 Am  to 4:00 pm





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